Fresno as veteran

Ch Hashanah Picture This at Sealaw  twice BOB Crufts and twice group 4

Ch Sealaw California Dreaming

Ch Sealaw Who's Dreaming Now

Fressie, Liz Holmes and l, winning the group under the famous Gwen Broadley

This time winning a group under Owen Grindey

The great Fresno, photo taken by Thomas Fall

Fresno headstudy

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My favourite pic of Fressie and l !! Going BIS at Leicester.1

CH Saxonsprings Fresno winning Best in Show at Leicester Show.

CH Saxonsprings Fresno

The Sealaw lhasa Apso’s were founded with CH Saxonspring Fresno, the breed record holder , and acknowledged as the finest example of this wonderful breed she was the winner of not only 47 cc's but was best of breed at crufts four times winning the group at nine years old and also twice runner up in the group.

She was the outright winner of the contest of Champions, the pedigree chum champion and veteran stakes final plus of course dog of the year.

As a mother she has been unique, in her first litter she produced five Champions two of which were dog of the year in their respective countries in her second litter she produced
CH Sealaw Mr Mulligan, who has proved to be a wonderful sire in direct Line from Fresno have come CH Mulligan his daughter
CH Sealaw Little Dolly Day Dream, her daughter
CH Sealaw California Dreaming and the "Mulligan" son
CH Harry himself a Crufts best of breed winner

Geoff Corish & Michael Coad