Geoff Corish & Michael Coad

Geoff Corish was born in Southport, West Lancs UK, and spent many of his school holidays in Wales - as his father came from Wales. As a young boy, Geoff asked his parents if he could have a Wire Fox Terrier as a pet, but this was not allowed. It wasn’t until 1965 that Geoff got his first dog in a West Highland White Terrier. Geoff started to attend local shows, even though back then he didn’t know why, he just went to do it. Geoff became friends with more people and a couple in particular saw potential, charisma and dedication in Geoff. As a gift to him, they gave him a famous Famecheck bred Westie to show. Geoff registered the affix SEALAW as his kennel name and has sentimental value to Geoff. The affix is WALES backwards

Eric and Geoff

From this bitches first litter, produced Geoff’s first UK Champion,
Ch Sealaw Selena. Of this time is when Geoff was asked to handle for other exhibitors, his first client was Freda Cook, who is the sole producer of the Famecheck Westie kennel. The first dog he handled became a UK champion in 21 days, a record which back in the day was very hard to do, the dog in question was Ch Famecheck Extra Special. Many other Westie breeders entrusted their dogs with Geoff and his records are unbeatable. Like most handlers, exhibitors and breeders, the best thing to achieve in your life, is to win Crufts Best in Show, for Geoff, this happened in 1976 with the West Highland White Terrier, Ch Dianthus Buttons, owned by Kath Newstead, Buttons was awarded this merit by the late top UK judge, Mr Joe Braddon.

Jean Blyth asked Geoff to handle her pride and joy, Ch Saxonsprings Hackensack, and in 1984
Geoff and Hank wnet Best in Show at Crufts.
Geoff Corish is a well known face around the UK show rings as a judgebreeder and handler. He has twice won BEST IN SHOW at Crufts, and has also won every major award in the UK

Eric and Geoff, Photo by Lisa Croft Elliott

Not only has Geoff been a successful handler and breeder, but he is also passed under the KC of UK to award CCs in 24 breeds in the Terrier & Utility groups, and also a UK Group and Best in Show judge .